Jun 30, 2022, 8pm

Dafne Vicente-Sandoval performs Alvin Lucier’s Same and Different

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Dafne Vicente-Sandoval will perform Same and Different, 2021, a work for solo bassoon and pure wave oscillator composed for her by Alvin Lucier (1931–2021) and commissioned by the Darmstäder Ferienkurse. Lucier describes the piece as follows: “During the course of the performance an electronically generated pure wave tuned at 442 Hz flows from a single loudspeaker mounted behind and above the heads of the audience. A bassoonist plays a series of 126 long tones consisting of near-unison variations of the pure wave caused by different fingerings. Small variations in pitch cause audible beating. The farther the distance between the pitches, the faster the beating; at unison, no beating occurs. Furthermore, the beating patterns may be heard to spin in space above the heads of the listeners.”

Dafne Vicente-Sandoval is a Paris-born bassoon player who explores sound through contemporary music performance, improvisation and sound installations. Over the last decade, Vicente-Sandoval has dedicated herself to an in-depth instrumental practice, emerging from an intuitive experimentation into the complexities of the bassoon’s acoustical properties. Her work has translated into long-term collaborations with a handful of composers engaged in music that demands a high degree of critical interpretation (Éliane Radigue, Catherine Lamb, Jakob Ullmann, Peter Ablinger, Klaus Lang, Tashi Wada), leading to the creation of a significant body of solo pieces. Vicente-Sandoval also presents solo performances of microphone feedback generated through the resonant spaces of the bassoon itself.