Dec 1, 2021, 8pm

Judith Hamann and Nora Fulton

150kr / $17.61

Continuing their exploration of sonic-corporeal interactions, Judith Hamann will perform select compositions investigating the acts of shaking and humming. These dual inquiries consider each act as a generative and expansive form, oscillating between the interior and exterior, macro and micro, and audible and imperceptible, all the while challenging distinctions between them. In their performances, Hamann develops a profoundly embodied practice, one that deliberately confronts the limits of the body; in “Loss,” a composition by Sarah Hennies, Hamann is instructed to hum beyond their vocal range, positioning the act of failure as a radical, alternative way of knowing and being. Scholar and writer Nora Fulton will join Hamann, accompanying their compositions with original readings.

Hamann's Shaking Studies (Blank Forms Editions, 2020) and Music for Cello and Humming (Blank Forms Editions, 2020) are available from Blank Forms.

This concert is presented in partnership with Munchmuseet, Oslo.

Judith Hamann is a cellist and performer-composer from Naarm/Melbourne, currently based in Berlin. A leading figure in experimental and embodied composition, their practice is rooted in process and incorporates performance, improvisation, electro-acoustics, field recording, electronics, and site-specific generative work. Trained in contemporary classical repertoire with renowned cellists including Charles Curtis and Séverine Ballon, and the recipient of a PhD in Musical Arts from UC San Diego, Hamann has performed widely in solo and collaborative modes, working with musicians including Eliane Radigue, Tashi Wada, and La Monte Young, and presenting interdisciplinary and experimental projects with visual artists including Keith Deverell and Sabina Maselli. In their recent research, Hamann examines the expressions and manifestations of ‘shaking’ and ‘humming’ as a formal and intimate encounter; interrogates ‘collapse’ as a generative imaginary surface; and considers the ‘de-mastering’ of bodies, both human and non-human, in settler-colonial heritage instrumental practice and pedagogy.


Nora Fulton is a poet and PhD student, currently living in Montreal. She is pursuing her doctoral studies in the Department of English at Concordia University, and her research focuses on philosophy, trans theory, and poetics. She is the author of three books of poetry—Life Experience Coolant (Bookthug, 2013), Presence Detection System (Hiding Press, 2019), and her recent publication Thee Display (The Centre for Expanded Poetics & Anteism, 2021)—and has been published in Social Text, Homintern, Some Magazine, and elsewhere. Additionally, she contributed liner notes to Judith Hamann’s recent solo albums, Shaking Studies (Blank Forms Editions, 2020) and Music for Cello and Humming (Blank Forms Editions, 2020).