Mar 4, 2016, 8pm

Labyrinth Gives Way to Skin: Maryanne Amacher Listening Session 1

As renowned and loved as Maryanne Amacher’s work remains, few if any of Amacher’s listeners can claim to have have experienced or even have a sense of her body of work as a whole. Amacher’s prescient use of media coupled with her insistence on perceptually anchored situational specificity made the question of documentation and publication of her artistic work complicated, if not moot. To mark the beginning of the collaboration between Blank Forms and The Maryanne Amacher Archive, Robert The and Bill Dietz present a live-annotated audio-outline of moments from Maryanne Amacher’s 50 year career that have not been heard since their premieres. Comprised entirely of unpublished audio, the listening session is accompanied by pertinent and likewise unpublished images of scores, notes, and texts selected from the Amacher Archive. In their narration of Amacher’s trajectory through the decades, The and Dietz also present the work and vision of the Archive thus far, and their plans for the Archive's future.