Jun 26, 2022, 4pm

Naima Karlsson


With her piano improvisations, Naima Karlsson imbues minimalism with empyrean tones and colors. Naima’s experiments with playful contrasts of repetition and composition create a music of cosmic changes, constellations, and revelations. Her practice interweaves sonic and visual forms into a dialogue led by interests in repetition, improvisation, and the abstract relationships between language, symbol, image, and sound. With a strong interest in tone and arrangement and an inherently elemental approach to playing, Naima calls on concepts of “Organic Music” proposed independently by two of her major influences: the composer Julius Eastman (1940–90) and her grandfather, the jazz musician Don Cherry (1936–95). At Blank Forms, Naima presents solo improvisations, her own compositions, and interpretations of a piece by Charlie Haden and a collaboration between Cherry and Terry Riley.

Blank Forms is located on the first floor of 468 Grand. There is one step down from the entrance to the building. If you require help accessing the space, please contact canada@blankforms.org and we will happily assist.