Apr 4, 2024
7 pm (doors), 7:30 pm (performance)
8:45 pm (doors), 9:15 pm (performance)

Graham Lambkin


Artist Graham Lambkin makes a long-overdue return to New York for a pair of intimate performances. Over Blank Forms’s eight-year history, the Folkestone-reared, London-based sound organizer has gotten his tendrils into nearly every avenue of our programming: collaborations with Joe McPhee and Áine O’Dwyer, a 2020 exhibition of his drawings and collage, a reissue series of his first four solo recordings, the 2023 double-LP Aphorisms, and now, an in-depth retrospective of The Shadow Ring, his storied rock outfit. 

In his solo performances, Lambkin is methodical in his approach to everyday objects and textures, continually transforming quotidian atmospheres and the mundane into expressive sound art using tape manipulation techniques, chance operations, and the thick ambience of domestic field recordings.