Jul 23, 2022, 2pm

Park Jiha


In conjunction with Gladstone, Blank Forms has organized three performances by Korean musicians over two days at the gallery’s Seoul branch: Park Jiha, Okkyung Lee, and Kim DooSoo.

Park Jiha is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who approaches ancient Korean instruments like the piri, saenghawng, and yaggeum from the perspective of a modern, improvisatory minimalist. Park delicately balances the tones created by these instruments, never allowing one to overpower the others. Her music offers a spacious, resonant soundscape of precisely wrought melodic moments. She has so far released three solo albums: Communion (2018, tak:til/ Glitterbeat Records), Philos (2019, tak:til/ Glitterbeat Records), and The Gleam (2022, tak:til/ Glitterbeat Records).


Note that space in the gallery is limited. Please RSVP and alert us if your plans change.